Notes from the Second Annual Advanced Trial Institute at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles

Today I’m at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles for the Second Annual Advance Trial Institute program with David Ball and R. Rex Parris speaking.  The program  (which I’m happy to say was my idea) is part of Loyola’s Civil Justice Program, which you can learn more about here.

David Ball starts his talk by saying “Welcome to the Revolution!”  That should give you an idea of what we’re doing here today.  we’re working on revolutionizing the civil justice system so it better serves the American people.  What better goal for all of us trial lawyers?

Mr. Ball’s work is in the personal injury field, all for the plaintiff, so he is focused on the problems that tort reform has caused in polluting the jury pools in the U.S.  He says in any venue, about a third of the jurors despise attorneys.  “You disgust them.”  They call us “terrorists in suits” and think we are dangerous to them.

The corporations, he points out, know that they can control the government and they are focused on destroying our civil justice system for ordinary citizens within the next twenty five years.

As I look around the room, I see people from both sides of the aisle, plaintiff lawyers and defense lawyers alike, listening intently.  After all, we all have a stake in preserving the civil justice system for the good of the country.  Only, as Mr. Ball is pointing out, we have an uphill battle in these troubled times.

“The dynamic we need to change is that the lawyer is a public menace,” Ball says.

So, how is that done?

The thought is, trial lawyers should be giving back to their communities without regard to their own economic interests.

The concept is simple, but it’s powerful.  After all, lawyers are Americans, too.  If we as a profession can provide better information and assistance regarding matters of safety and social concern, then everyone benefits.

More later . . .

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