Your rights as an employee in California

Obviously your job is important to you. It feeds your family. Pays the rent. Helps educate your children.

You work hard for your employer. You show up on time and stay late when needed. You do your best to succeed.

Though you have to meet the requirements expected at work, you also have certain rights under the law as an employee.

For example, generally speaking, you employer has to pay you the minimum wage. Most hourly employees are also entitled to regular breaks, overtime pay, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance and unpaid time off for serious illness or a new baby.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is generally prohibited, as is discrimination based on certain characteristics such as gender, race, national origin or religion. If you suffer from a disability, your employer may be required to accommodate you by making changes in the workplace so your can perform the essential functions of your job position.

Sometimes a situation at work will seem unfair or even intolerable. When it does, it is best not to suffer in silence. Let your supervisor know that there is a problem, or if appropriate, consult with human resources. Most workplace problems can be resolved informally when there is communication. You may be surprised with the result!

If your employer is unwilling to help you solve your workplace problem, there may be other solutions. The California Department of Industrial Relations can help you understand your rights and provides services for employees in the state.  There are low-income clinics and workshops aimed to assist California workers, you can find references to them on the internet.

Of course, if you have a serious employment problem, whether its wage and hour, wrongful termination or discrimination, Bill Daniels | Law Offices is on your side.

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