Keeping fit is good for personal injury lawyers, too!

bill-running-city-of-angels-half-marathon-re3As you can tell from my blog, one of my passions is studying courtroom communications, since being able to tell a client’s story effectively is one of the keys to effective trial lawyering.

One element of the complete trial lawyer’s skill set that is often overlooked is simple physical fitness.  I think one reason why health and fitness is overlooked in courtroom advocates is because we view the attorneys as members of a learned profession and scholarly pursuits in our minds don’t necessarily blend with athletics.

Well, I think that sort of thinking is just plain wrong.  Over the years, I’ve had the chance to observe many of the finest trial lawyers in the country, and with very few exceptions (I remember one business litigator who was MORBIDLY obese, yet seemed to get along in the courtroom just fine.  I always sort of expected him to keel over during his arguments, but somehow he never did) they are individuals who are not just fit in mind, but also stay fit in body.

If you are hiring an advocate, it stands to reason you’d want someone who can go the distance for you in the courtroom, as opposed to a lawyer who when faced with adversity in a legal fight, get red in the face and is out of breath long before the finish line.

In my research, I am keeping an eye out for studies that would give me some insight into how physical fitness affects performance in stress situations, since trials are the ultimate stress producers in the peaceful society.bill-and-mike-finish-city-of-angels-half-marathon-re

In the meantime, I’m sticking with my marathon training and working towards that Ironman Triathlon I’ve promised I would take on.

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