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Anderson v. Village Covenant Church | $980,000

Luksan v. Colvin | $306, 590  (Read client letter)

Kaufman v. Record Surplus | $425,000

Doe v. Luster  | $20,526,000

Doe HOA vs. Roe Ins. Co. | $13,500,000

Doe Insured v. Doe Disability Insurance Co. | $6,900,000

Mary Doe vs. Pharmaceutical Company  | $6,000,000

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"Basically I'm 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. They were inviting to any questions I had, they encouraged me to ask questions, they always gave me a prompt and accurate response. They returned all my phone calls. Mr. Daniels and his staff were courteous to me throughout the whole case from start to finish."
~ Damian Walton, Los Angeles, Client

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Just a note to say thank you for a job well done. I had a hard time finding a lawyer who would take my case. You believed me in what I told you. You took the case and through excellent work on your part and your staff I am more than satisfied. I thank you for being an honest and moral lawyer. Moral and lawyer in the same sentence is a oxymoron in most peoples mind including mine. But you have proved yourself to be a kind and thoughtful person and well as an honest man. I thank you for helping put my future in a more comfortable place.

You are like the ad says "It does exactly what it says on the can" you did what you promised, and I believe exceeded it by not padding your expenses, and giving me exactly what I was owed.

Sincere thanks to you and your staff.
Lou Metzger


Dear Jack & Bill,

Attached is my signed document of agreement and acceptance of the Final Accounting.

Both of you gentlemen, Mr. Katz and Mr. Daniels deserve much more and I am confident that Heavenly Father will prosper and bless each of you 100 fold for what you have given in time, heart, sacrifice and skill to help my parents and our family to work this out. I believe it turned out to be a win win ending for everyone involved. Time will complete the story.

Thank you for your marvelous skill that brought about a win without a trial.

I am convinced that you are not by chance but are an answer to prayers and not just mine. I will have just enough to pay off my house completely, and be totally debt free. Amazing!

I know that I couldn't have two finer men to represent me in this case. Thank you so very much for all that you have done and given. I am thankful to your wonderful staff and families as well. God bless and keep you.

Helen Luksan (Client)


This is a tribute to your skills in bringing a meandering case to a final settlement. Also, let it be said that by having you join me as co-counsel, it changed the course of the outcome.

Thanks again, Bill.

Jack Katz

"I am a retired Chinese language teacher and I give Mr. Daniels an “A+.” Mr. Daniels is a very polite, kind and reasonable attorney. He answered all my questions and returned my phone calls and remembered who I was. His attention was personal and gratifying. I hired Mr. Daniels because he was recommended to me by a trusted friend, who is also an attorney. From my feelings, I know Mr. Daniels is a person I can trust. I got a very good result and I feel satisfied."
~ Kitty Tseng, client

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Good Morning America interviewed client Tonja Doe and William Daniels following a $20 million verdict against Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster.


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