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Doe HOA vs. Roe Ins. Co. | $13,500,000

Doe Insured v. Doe Disability Insurance Co. | $6,900,000

Mary Doe vs. Pharmaceutical Company  | $6,000,000

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Motor vehicle accidents includes accidents that involve large trucks, motorcycles, and passenger cars. In the United States motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for children and young adults. The Encino injury lawyers at Bill Daniels Law Offices represent injured victims in Encino and throughout California.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study reported in 2008, 3.5 million people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in California, and another 42,000 died as a result of such accidents.

Every year new laws are passed to improve safety on the roadways and drivers routinely break traffic laws with alarmingly high frequency. When driving, a moment's distraction can be fatal. Even though recent laws in California have passed to restrict cell phone and texting use while driving, countless drivers continue to be distracted, hooked on texting or talking while holding their cell phone all at the expense of road safety and your safety. Because your neck and back are fairly complex, structurally speaking, they can be easy to damage in an accident. A neck or back injury can have serious consequences Serious whiplash can occur when your or your passengers head is violently thrown back and forward during a accident. Nerve damage to your spine can affect your arms or legs causing you shooting pains or feelings of weakness and difficulty in walking.

Every year thousands of automobile accidents occur due to problems with the vehicle. Some of these problems are manufacturer problems, and others are personal owner’s neglect.

Automotive accidents can be very serious and have effect on the course of your life. To maximize your recovery you need a law firm that understands your legal rights and your recovery options.

As experts in pursuing recovery due to serious personal injury lawyers at Bill Daniels | Law Offices are confident in our determination to help you win. Attorneys turn to DANIELS LAW to help with the best possible resolution to their problem cases 

Contact us today for a free consultation on the merits of your case. When you need expert wrongful death lawyers, put DANIELS LAW on your side!

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