Anderson v. Village Covenant Church | $980,000

Luksan v. Colvin | $306, 590  (Read client letter)

Kaufman v. Record Surplus | $425,000

Doe v. Luster  | $20,526,000

Doe HOA vs. Roe Ins. Co. | $13,500,000

Doe Insured v. Doe Disability Insurance Co. | $6,900,000

Mary Doe vs. Pharmaceutical Company  | $6,000,000

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Class actions are a way for groups of people with common problems to seek a solution in a convenient format.
Class actions typically seek to solve simple questions that impact large number of people. Whether all of an insurance company’s claims personnel are entitled to overtime or whether all of the bank’s credit card customers were overcharged because of a single, unfair, interest calculation are good examples of problems that class actions best address.

Because there is strength in numbers, a class action lawsuit is a powerful tool that can be used to enforce the law on behalf of numerous victims.  Class action lawsuits are brought when a corporation has been found to knowingly sell harmful products, engage in illegal business practices, or use false information to sell products or services to a large group.  Employees of large corporations can also use this form of lawsuit to sue for discriminatory practices or violation of employment agreements or labor laws on a large scale.

Class actions are a unique class of case involving complex procedural issues. At Bill Daniels | Law Offices our litigation attorneys have extensive state and federal experience in class actions and have the expertise to handle class action lawsuits against governmental agencies and private corporations. Attorneys turn to Bill Daniels | Law Offices to help with their class action cases. Clients trust Bill Daniels | Law Offices for their commitment in handling each case with personal attention to detail and obtaining outstanding results.

All legal claims are subject to statues of limitations so legal options should be investigated as soon as possible.

for more information:

Bill Daniels regularly publishes a variety of articles and videos to keep you abreast of legal developments and case law that affect our society.


  A Class Act
lass actions and complex litigation force you to be disciplined.  In class actions,
   you need a system or things can get out of hand pretty quick. 
  A Class Action Primer
Class action basics explained. Understanding class action procedure is important. 
   A class action is different than a “mass tort”.  
  Tips to Understanding Class Actions
   Tips to help both attorney and client understand class actions.


  Documents/Request for Production
   This video covers “Request for Production”. Preparing your documents for any case is
   important. This video covers 7 important tips to gathering documents in a lawsuit.  

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